Sensational Sapphires ~ Explore this world of colour and beauty

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Did you know that sapphires come in a rainbow of colours?

A lot of customers are surprised when they learn of the variety of colours sapphires are available in, from deep blues, yellows, pinks, purples and greens. Sapphires can be found in every colour but red!

This gorgeous gemstone family even includes the much sought after and very rare Padparadscha Sapphire named after the lotus blossom. Padparadscha Sapphires with their unique pink~orange colour tone are breathtakingly exquisite in their beauty and highly sought after for their rarity.

Sapphires are truly an extrodinary gem. Highly desired for their hardness, durability and beautiful lustre. Sapphires have such vivid colour, like they have been lit from within. This beauty combined with their durability have long made this extraordinary gem a popular choice as an alternate to diamonds for engagement rings for the bride who desires a truly unique one~of~a~kind creation.

At Troy O’Brien Jewellery sapphires are one of our favourites, we love sourcing the unique colours and showcasing them in our designs. We have long been known for our extensive display of these gorgeous gems in all of their glorious colours.

We love creating rainbows of sapphire colour in our work, letting each stones vivid colour reflect and react with the next. Each stone possess a beauty shining from deep within, each colour tone will engage people in different ways and evoke emotions as individual as the stone themselves.

Sapphires are truly a unique beauty that deserve admiration. Come and visit us at Troy O’Brien Jewellery in Neutral Bay and explore this world of colour and beauty with our diverse collection of these stunning gems.

We not only have our collection of jewellery, designed and created in our very own on~site workshop but we also have a tempting selection of loose Sapphires, ready for you to create your very own individual design that is uniquely yours.

Sapphires are the birthstone for September, but are to be admired year round!

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