Make your statement bold with Black Zirconium!

Troy O'Brien Design

Black zirconium is a cutting edge, striking, industrial style metal. A perfect choice for those who want to make a modern design statement. 

Zirconium in its natural state is grey in colour but when this metal is heat treated a lustrous black layer forms, similar in appearance and feel to ceramic.

Black Zirconium with it’s stylish, striking design is quickly becoming a trending choice of the discerning modern buyer.

Black Zirconium is tough, highly durable and looks amazing!

Another desirable advantage to Zirconium is its hypoallergenic quality making it a perfect choice for those sensitive to alloys, such as nickel that can be present in some precious metals.

Midnight black in colour, black Zirconium on its own makes a strong bold statement but when paired with rose, white or even yellow gold the combination of colours and metals makes for a truly striking design.

Black Zirconium is not only for the boys, it can also make a gorgeous feminine statement. Zirconium can be set with diamonds creating a beautiful, soft sparkle that compliments this strong black metal. The ability to combine Zirconium with stones and other precious metals makes it easy to design for both men and women.

Zirconium can also be machined to have a matte, shiny or even a combination of both finishes, the design possibilities are vast. It is definitely worth considering Zirconium when desiring a striking dress ring or when wanting to make your wedding ring bold, modern and truly unique.

Here at Troy O’Brien Jewellery we showcase a stock range of Zirconium rings and if we don’t have exactly what you desire we can also design, order and show these amazing bands.

So if you after a striking statement ring ~ be confident, be bold, go black!

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