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Before you buy your diamond online we ask that you consider the following, the price of a diamond can vary considerably. We are told a diamonds beauty, rarity and price depends on the 4C’s of cut, clarity, carat and colour but one major feature of these precious gems cannot be described in a certificate. The internal fire of a diamond, the intense sparkle that comes from these stones cannot be graded.

A diamond that fits all of your 4C specifications may not hold the sparkle you desire. We have seen this many times, as manufacturing jewellers we have customers bring us diamonds bought online ready to create a perfect design to showcase their chosen gem but sometimes the disappointment in the reality of the diamond they have purchased can overshadow what should be a happy, exciting purchase.

We share this disappointment when we know we could have supplied a stunning, fiery diamond for an equally competitive investment but were not given the opportunity.

We pride ourselves on treating your purchase personally, we invest in the process and we will not stop looking for your perfect diamond ensuring your complete satisfaction. We will present a variety of diamonds, each matching your specifications and budget. Our diamonds must pass our strict scrutiny before we will present them to you, we do not base our judgement on the certificate alone, we want to see the stone, we want to view it and be proud to show you diamonds that not only meet your budget but shine perfectly.

We will sit with you and guide you through the differences and you can see for yourself each stone side-by-side, you can compare the cut, you can see the clarity, you will feel the fire and experience the sparkle but above all you will personally choose the perfect diamond to reflect the love it represents.

Each of our diamonds will come with complete certification but you will also be guaranteed of that internal fire and sparkle that cannot be listed on a certificate. We will show you that no 2 diamonds are ever the same, we will ensure a perfect purchase at a highly competitive price.

We are here for you into the future, not just for a quick one off purchase. We have a loyal client base that has been built over generations, we want to be your family jeweller, we want to help you design your perfect piece, we want to see you pop in for a clean and polish for that special occasion, we are here to help design and create the perfect matching wedding bands. We don’t see a diamond purchase as a one off deal, we see it as the start of a relationship.

Make you appointment today and let us show you the Troy O’Brien difference.

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