Zircon ~ a rare natural beauty

Troy O'Brien Design

Zircon, for many years has been unfairly associated with cubic zirconia, purely based on namesake alone.

This has left this natural gemstone disregarded by many consumers as being ‘fake’. As a result this stunning natural gemstone, Zircon, has fought hard to become recognised in its own right as the rare, fine gemstone it is.

Here at Troy O’Brien Jewellery we love the rare and the unique gems that nature creates and we love showcasing their beauty and Zircon is no exception.

With Zircon’s natural high refraction giving each gem its own internal ‘fire’ every stone possesses high sparkle and vibrancy making them an intriguing, eye~catching gem worthy of recognition and appreciation.

Available in an array of colour including shades of blue, red, yellow, orange, brown and green making them a perfect accessory to any wardrobe that will guarantee attention and intrigue.

While many people have heard Zircon most have never seen it.
Its beauty and fire make it a highly desired gemstone by Informed consumers for its intensity and brilliance.

Troy proudly embraces Zircon amongst one of his most favourite of gemstones and here at Troy O’Brien Jewellery you will find this precious stone celebrated in our designs and creations. We invite you to visit us in~store and see this gorgeous stone for yourself, we guarantee you will leave with a very different appreciation of this natural beauty.

We love this gemstone

Zircon : Birthstone of December