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Troy O'Brien

At Troy O’Brien Jewellery we are experts in bespoke jewellery design and creation.

Whether it be a remodel of an old piece, the exciting creation of an engagement ring or the design of a gift with that personal touch ~ we are here to ensure perfection.

When you first make the decision to have a bespoke piece designed for you it can be a little overwhelming.

Where do you start?

How do you choose the right jeweller for the job?

Can you be assured the person your talking with actually understands your design?

How will you be sure you will even like the finished piece?

At Troy O’Brien Jewellery our reputation in design is well respected, Troy has been designing jewellery for 30 years, he listens to your ideas, he explains the process and he will guarantee you are 100% happy with the finished creation.

When you walk through our door you can be assured we are here to help guide you through the entire process, with our workshop on the premises you are dealing directly with the manufacturing jeweller. We are jewellery design specialist with a strong reputation for bringing our customers dreams to reality.

You may be remodelling an existing piece of jewellery or you may be creating something completely new  ~ whatever your needs you can discuss your design with one of our team where you ideas and our expertise will combine in sketched form. Ideas will become a visual reality right in front of you.

This initial consultation is where ideas are formed, details are discussed and the creative process begins.

The next part of the bespoke experience that we offer our clients, if required as part of their design, is the ability to view and compare gemstones. Whether it be gorgeous coloured gemstones or the devine beauty that diamonds hold, each stone deserves to be admired in its natural state.

Each stone holds a beauty that will personally engage you and when you have the opportunity to view a variety of gems as part of a private design consultation it ensures a perfect choice.

We take the sourcing of stones very personally. We will guarantee a selection of stones that not only fit your budget and requirements but will also be of the highest quality.

We are here to help explain the differences between gems and guide you through any questions so ultimately you choose the perfect stone for your bespoke piece, ensuring a deeply personal creation.

We offer this service with no obligation ~ no high pressure selling here!

Once your stone of choice is selected and your design concept has been drawn, discussed and finalised Troy will begin the process of turning your dreams into reality.

You can see Troys workshop as you sit in our private consultation room, reassuring that you are talking directly with the man who will create your bespoke piece, and with Troy being part of the design process from the start and discussing every detail with you in person, you can have confidence that he understands your ideas and will bring your design to beautiful completion.

We also offer for our clients to view their bespoke creation in a CAD form, this 3D computer generated image literally brings your design to life. It allows you to see your design from every angle, seeing the proportions of piece and all of the elements working together. Allowing you to see a realistic 3D artistic impression before proceeding to a true metal masterpiece guarantees no unwanted surprises, just 100% satisfaction in the final design.

We are your jewellery design specialist, we are proud of our design reputation and we are here ready to turn your jewellery dreams into beautiful reality.

To book a consultation, please phone us on 9908 3130 or email us at

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