Silver Turquoise Enamel Starfish Earrings

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How pretty are these stunning sterling silver starfish drop earrings! Intricately adorned with vibrant turquoise enamel features that capture the essence of the ocean, each earring has been meticulously crafted to bring the starfish-inspired design to life.

These enchanting Starfish earrings sway gently as they dangle from your ears, while radiant turquoise hues add a splash of colour, accentuating any outfit with a touch of coastal charm. Dive into the depths of style with these sterling silver turquoise starfish drop earrings, and let your inner beach goddess shine through.

Perfect for maritime enthusiasts and fashion-savvy individuals alike, don’t let these treasures swim away – make them a part of your collection today!

  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Enamelled
  • 35mm Drop Length
  • Finished Weight: 3.69gr


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